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I grow and learn through play.


In Kindergarten, children learn through play, exploration, creation, and hands on activities. The learning and development rhythm of each individual is respected. Each student’s creativity and integral growth is promoted.


Classes are taught in English with a Spanish class every day, providing a high quality bilingual education.

The Kindergarten curriculum includes:

  • Music

  • Physical

  • Art

  • Spiritual

  • Computer Class

  • Cooking

Safe Environment


The school’s safe environment together with its highly trained staff help students have confidence in themselves and acquire the social skills needed to resolve the conflicts of daily life.

Individual Development


We respect the individual development of each of our students, helping them achieve meaningful learning based on their own interests and experiences.



The classrooms are a very diverse areas; they are equipped with material adequate for each stage of development.


San Juan 54, Col. Chapultepec.
Cuernavaca, Mor. México.
C.P. 62450


Estrella del Norte 6, Col. Rancho Tetela.
Cuernavaca, Mor. México.
C.P. 62160